LoSe iS NOT aLwaYs that BAD

And, we Lost in quarter-final AGAIN after did 5 tiring preliminary round!

well, we did the best that we could eventhough there were still a LOT of leckness in my case ( Normally )

but, humph, we won 4 of 5 prelim ( NOT that BAD larr )

I HATE this situation actually T.T

U know, some of my heart said 'OK' coz the pressure was GO AWAY from me (fiuuuhhh)

But the other also said i'm a LOSER!!! ( L.O.S.E.R )

Now, i feel that, i REALLY hate this situation (more than before )

i did NOT know, WHY i STILL can't UNDERSTAND their mind and can't CONNECTED this BRAIN as them?


but surely, i'm NOT FREAK at ALL

Beside the FACT that:

"i did NOT know the MATTER and the ISSUE related to the MOTION and we had no idea with the definition, until we brought our OWN definition without CARE too much with their definition, we want to def-chal or NOT?? ( it's NOT clear cath!!!)"
we just debating our case.. HUH???


BUT still !!!!
i believed the opponent team's case is NOT even BETTER than us
( unclear definition and unclear solution! HuH ?)

i CAN accept THIS DECISION actually.
But still !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i CAN'T believe with UNANIMOUS decision ( 3 of 3 )make me SOO shocked!
i wish it was a SPLIT DECISION....