a guy?

it's always fun for me. chit chat with my girls, sharing each other and know exactly that our topic of discussion is a guy. it's like again and again we talked the same things.

especially to those friends of mine who's in love. they talk the same things every day. message me when a small things occurred between her and her love.=*p

well, it's hard for me to say I'm in love or not since i don't know exactly what is love.
but wait, I'm not that skeptical about love. i can't define love but i always know that i'm into a SMART guy.

smart guy is sexy for me.

because the word "smart" covered everything.
smart enough to make me happy
smart enough to be trusted
smart enough to make my family like him
smart enough to be mature and etc.

it's different with perfect tho! Perfect is boring for me..
just show me that you're SMART and i'll fall for you.