dear: my friend out there

i dont know what you want
i dont know what you need
i dont even know what do you expect from that MAN?

i know that he is talented
i know that he is smart
i know that he is rich

and he is perfect ---for YOU!

i want to call u stupid but i can't
i love u babe, u'r my beloved friend

trust me,
he'll forgive you if he loves you
he doesn't lie if he care
and a very simple word for you:
if he is in love with you, he'll choose you, not the other girl..

you NEVER change him to be a jerk like that honey, he changed coz he want to change!

i indeed believe in Karma
but GOD, not HIM give you a karma.
he is NOT GOD!

i know u'r human.and human made mistakes.
but u should know that you'r young and there is along way to go.
i didn't know how cruel you are that time,
u know u'r wrong and u'r sorry for that.
that's it.that's enough!

if he doesn't want to forgive you and always hurt you
he is not worth it for you dear!

for you: