I Hate this week

Why i hate this week:


Civil procedural Law :
- 3 power of attorney letters (tort,default,ownership) in Indonesian and English version, meaning i make it 6 *HANDWRITING
- 3 submission letters *HANDWRITING

Leadership :
- Leadership project--> make a proposal, calling panti asuhan, go to panti asuhan and do some project there. so far, we teach them "how to love indonesian culture" *bullshit right?


today should be free actually, but not for me because this is the last day to collect all documents to apply scholarship to Australia.


administrative law project
--> word and PP (1 chapter for 1 student)


International law paper
reading cases! and, because i'm part of UPH moot court team, the lecture give more cases than the other non Mooting team. so fair!


Commercial law
a lot of slides and photocopies

Criminal Procedural law
reading KUHP and KUHAP